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Latest News:


July Update 2: New videos of the B-Class locomotive

We showcased some new video at the Train Mountain Triennial in Chiloquin, OR.    This was shot at River Edge Park Railway in Whakatane, NZ and in Rotorua, NZ for the loading sequence.    In addition, we made a second video showing just a slow start up and then travel of the valve gear.  Watch on youtube for full HD!


July update 1: The B-Class and the duplex in the press!

Sample pages from the July / August 2012 issue of Live Steam Magazine

The B-Class has been making the rounds in the hobby press, with an expenasive cover article in the USA-based Live Steam Magazine by Mike Massee that also includes the most comprehensive and technical duplex steel boiler article to date.    To purchase a copy of the July/August issue of Live Steam Magazine, click here to visit the Live Steam website.  Highly reccomended especially if you have an interest in the duplex boiler!

In addition, John Heald has done a write up on the duplex boiler in AME (Australian Model Engineer) and there is a B-Class write-up coming in the Darjeeling Mail, the official publication of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society.


B-Class wins Canterbury Award at MEANZ convention

The B-Class shines resplendently in the sun at Whakatane

Highest Model Engineering Award in New Zealand

John Heald's DHR B-Class locomotive has taken the prestigeous Canterbury Award, the highest honor among model engineers in New Zealand.   The award was presented during the main dinner and ceremonies at the bi-annual MEANZ international convention held this year in Whangarei, NZ.   The award, judged by an international panel of respected figures in the model engineering community and presented by the Canterbury Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (CSMEE) is for best model of any kind, not limited to locomotives.    CSMEE member Jock Miller presented John with the award, and John thanked everyone who had given him assistance with the locomotive and the prototype 2205 Duplex Steel Boiler.    The award is a validation of the great effort that was made to make the engine not only look good, but steam well and ride well as it did during the convention and all of its other outings during its inaugural New Zealand summer steam season.   The award is engraved with all of the past winners and when the new engraving is complete we will have more pictures of the award itself.



Scale Turbogenerator

The B-Class engines have turbogenerators of varying types affixed to them to power the headlamp.   Upon asking around, it appears that the one on our prototype 777 at the Delhi museum is either a re-branded Sunbeam, or a copy thereof.   

Fortunately, Ken Schroeder, a well known live steam supplier in the United States has just finished castings for a 3 3/4" scale Sunbeam, which is just right for our B.

We received the first unit sold.   It is a dummy, but there are plans to make it functional later.

The unit is currently en-route to New Zealand for installation on the B before big convention in January.

I have added a new gallery of photos I took of the genny before sending it off, as well as a picture of the one on 777 in Delhi. (painted 'preservation white')  Here are some highlights.  The ruler is a 150mm rule.



Track test video!

Here is a short video of the track test shot by John as friend Paul runs the engine.   Sounds very good, very close to the original!